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Peculiar software development

If you have special claims that can not be solved with general softwares then you need some special solution.

These peculiar softwares are not always written from scratch. They can often be created based on some general software with some extensions or modifications. There are a lot of open source software that can easily be extended with special functionalities. This is much more inixpensive and efficient then the development from scratch.

Internet server installation

Mail server (accept mails from the Internet, serve IMAP, IMAPS, POP3, POP3S protocol based clients, Webmail - WWW based mail client), WWW Proxy server, WWW server, firewall, DNS.

Network server installation

File server, printer server, database server, application server.

System supervision

Web design

Design and operation of Web sites with static and dynamic content. (E-commerce, information systems, portals, CMS)

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